Tuesday, 27 November 2012

'From unpleasant to Pleasant'

 When i read your "from unpleasant to Pleasant' competition! i just could not wait to enter!
Here is a picture of my current out the the back patio!
 In this area i would use some of the $150 voucher to purchase more plants!( i use to have a whole lot more but when i moved over 1200ks away to Yeppoon QLD from Armidale NSW i had to leave alot behind and some of the ones i brought up here died because the climate is totally opposite!) lol

 I have been renting this house for 2 years now and have just signed another 12 month lease and would really love to stock up on new plants.( i have still got pots) i would love to be able to paint the area but due to renting its not possible so i would just make some cosmetic changes! a lovely Bunnings metal wall hanging would look great as well!:)
 and this following pic is of a dreaded area at the front of house! in this area i think i would leave the pebbles and just add a bag of black ones as well! and it definateely needs some pot plants and maybe a garden ornament!
 next pic is of the front also but its an area i have already created, i did have money left in my kity but spend it on the shelf in the next pic for the kitchen! lol

Well my finger are crossed for this one! even though i am a renter i still am house proud! :)
Thank you for allowing me to enter your Comp!! :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Aussie Curves Strapless!!

as i am the queen of casual wear eg shorts and singlets and thongs! lol i thought i would do this long sleeve top turned into strapless top idea i borrowed from my teenage daughter!!

 Ice hi-lo sleeved top
City chic dip dyed short shorts
Haviana black thongs
Miss shop clutch purse

Inspirational teenage daughter! lol
Thanks for looking, have a wonderful day! :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

aussie curves pastel

aussie curves pastels

 city chic top
lily and lou skirt was dark denim but i attacked with shower cleaning gel! lol

same top with city chic shorts! :)